How to get rid of your old stuff and recycle it

There are some new ways of getting rid of old stuff that could cut down on carbon emissions. 

Here are the best recycling ideas for your old metal and plastic.

A new study says it may be possible to recycle old materials by burying them underground.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Washington, says that buried materials can be recycled into new products, even if the material does not meet standards of recycling for metals and plastics. 

Researchers found that by burying materials underground, the material would be able to be recycled if the surface of the material was exposed to temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The research was published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

In addition to making a difference in how our environment looks and smells, burying materials could be a way to help keep carbon emissions at bay.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each ton of CO2 emissions from the U.S. is equivalent to one ton of recycled metal or plastic.

That’s why it’s important to recycle materials that have an environmental impact, said Emily Burden, a professor of environmental and sustainability studies at the University at Buffalo.

Burden said buried materials could provide an alternative for older items like old cars or boats that can’t be easily recycled.

The old cars are typically made of steel and aluminum, and the boats have a lower weight.

Burden said it could also be possible for materials to be buried as they age, which is easier for the environment.

“The best way to recycle is to keep them out of the ground, which means not burying them in a landfill or dumping them into a river,” she said.

Burden said buried products could also save money.

She said it’s possible to bury products like tires, clothing, and household appliances in a container.

The plastic used to make those products will decompose, leaving behind the products in the ground.

“It’s a very cost-effective way to do that,” she added.

The research is part of a larger effort to find ways to recycle recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, paper products, and other materials.

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