Why did the world get 2B for the last time?

Got2b Metals was a German metal band formed in 2004.

They are best known for their hits “We Are The Champions”, “I Want to Break Free” and “Tough Times”.

The band had their first tour in 2013 and were touring the US and Europe again in 2015.

Got2s tour this year was cancelled after the singer suffered a heart attack.

“The band decided to cancel the tour because they did not feel like playing on a major stage,” a source told NME.

“It’s unfortunate that Got2 has ended, but we’re glad that they didn’t have to take this decision.”

Got2 are also currently working on a new album.

A date for a new tour is yet to be confirmed.

Got1 have announced their farewell tour, with two dates confirmed to take place in the UK, in April 2019.

The band will play in the Midlands, and will also play at London’s O2 Arena, in the run up to the opening of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Concert in April 2020. 

Got1 are joined in their farewell by two other bands, A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots. 

The former are working on their seventh album, while the latter are working in the studio on a third. 

Roots frontman Lauryn Hill also announced the end of their tour with their band, and the duo will be releasing a new studio album later this year. 

It’s not clear when Got1 will announce their new album, but the band has hinted in the past that the end is near. 

A full list of confirmed dates for Got1’s last tour can be found here.

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