A metal fence in Chicago is getting the treatment of a gold standard

A metal door is getting a new coat of paint in Chicago, and metal fence owner Michael Mancuso says it’s the kind of thing people want to see in a city that loves to be seen.

Mancusot, who has owned the fence in the 600 block of South Kedzie for more than 15 years, said his fence has a silver tint to it because of the color of his paint.

It’s not an easy job, he said.

He said he has gotten calls from all over the world saying it’s their favorite fence to put up, and they’re getting excited.

“They want to tell me they want a fence, a gate, and I’m going to get them,” he said, laughing.

“I’m going through that wall with a smile on my face.”

It’s been a challenge, he added.

Mecusot’s fence includes a metal gate that can be locked down and has a metal fence top with an iron gate, but Mancoso’s fence has no gate and only a metal door.

Mancsoso has no plans to make a new fence with the same type of tint.

Mucuso said the first time he saw the color on the fence was at the beginning of August when he was out walking his dog.

He said the fence’s coat of color made it feel like it was made of metal, and it made it seem like it had more personality.

Mascosos owner said he had been trying to paint a new one for a while, but the coat didn’t do much to change the feel of the fence.

He had a metal top that was painted silver and the fence had a metallic coat.

He didn’t have a fence gate, so he had to get a metal one, he explained.

“I thought it was a bit of a waste of money to paint it silver, and a metal bottom,” Mancasos said.

“It’s a nice color for a fence but I had to do it on a fence I could control,” he added, noting that it took about six weeks to paint.

When he got the fence finished, he thought it would be worth a shot, he joked.

He bought some old fence paint and the new coat turned out to be too bright for his liking.

He is taking it one step further.

He’s trying to put a new paint on the metal fence.

“We’re going to start with the top coat and see how that goes,” he explained, “and if it’s a good color, then we’ll start painting the bottom coat.”

He said the paint is going to be a gray color.

“People think they love gray, but I think it’s just a nice thing to have,” he joked, laughing again.

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