‘Empire’ is one of the most influential shows on Netflix

A new documentary series on the enduring influence of The Simpsons on the TV landscape is launching on Netflix next week.

The Simpsons: The Complete Third Season was created by The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening and his team at HBO in conjunction with New York City-based studio, Universal Pictures.

It’s based on Groening’s book of the same name, which tells the story of how Groening, a childhood friend of The Beatles, met the band’s music producer, Bob Ezrin, in the 1970s.

The book chronicles the rise of the Beatles, their music, the Beatles’ iconic logo, the iconic song “Yesterday,” and the Beatles classic song “It’s Alright, Ma, I’m Sondheim.”

It’s the story behind the enduring and influential show, which now has an average of 10 million weekly viewers.

Groening told EW that the series is “going to be a really important thing in the history of American television.”

“I’ve been in Hollywood for 20 years, and I’ve always loved The Simpsons,” he said.

“I was very lucky to have that experience.

And I’m excited to be able to share that with the fans of the show.”

The Simpsons is one the most iconic and influential shows of all time, and the series has become the foundation of many films, including films about pop culture and pop culture culture, and TV shows like The Big Bang Theory.

The series has spawned dozens of spin-offs and spinoffs based on the characters.

For example, the series’ spin-off, The Simpsons Family, has spawned numerous spin-Offs.

Groen, who has a long history of working with the BBC, is also an executive producer on the new Simpsons series, and will also executive produce the project.

The Simpsons will be distributed by Disney-owned Universal Pictures, which will be the studio behind the film and television adaptations of the hit shows.

Groaning said he is excited to work with the Universal team, and is excited about working with Universal Pictures’ director of content, Michael Arndt.

Groens and Arndts first met in 2004, when the Simpsons creators, Matt Groen and Trey Parker, created the show together at Universal Pictures in 2004.

The two became good friends, and Groening was introduced to Arnds work on the show, and eventually, the Universal Pictures production team.

Groeners son, Nick Groening Jr., will also be a producer on The Simpsons.

Groening said he hopes the series will “become part of our fabric, part of the fabric of the industry,” and help to build an industry around the show.

Groans children were involved in the creation of the characters, and he said the children “created an industry that has never been touched before.”

The Simpsons has been a huge part of their lives.

“The Simpsons has always been part of my family,” Groening said.

“My children and I have been obsessed with The Simpsons since we were kids.

I grew up watching it all the time.

I have a wonderful family, and it’s such a privilege to have them on the team.”

The series will premiere on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at 10:30 p.m.

ET/PT on Netflix.

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