How to build your own metal fence

A metal fence is a piece of metal that holds a wire or rope on either end.

When the fence is not in use, it is used to keep out animals and debris.

It is also used to protect your home from damage.

Here are the materials and tools that you’ll need to build a metal fence:An aluminum sheet that will be cut to sizeAn aluminum fence post and clampAn angle grinderAn angle grind wheel or chiselAn aluminum sawAn angle routerAn angle sanderAn angle trowelAn angle millAn angle stoneAn angle wrenchThe metal fence can be made of any material, including:Metal fence posts and clampsA hammer and an angle grille (optional)A metal fence post, or clamp, with a metal ring (optional; see below)An angle sawAn angled stone or chiselsA tool to turn the metal fence into a metal hinge (optional, but recommended for metal hinges)An electric saw (optional to make the fence bend)An aluminum angle router, or angle grillerAn angle sanderAn angle knifeAn angle bench (optional but recommended to make a bench out of the fence)An angled tool to make an angled fence pieceAn angle hammerAn angle chiselA hammer that can be used to cut metal, such as a chisel or a cutting toolAn angle miter sawAn edge grind wheelAn angle pickaxeAn angle drillAn angle barAn angle wheel or drill bitAn angle screwdriverAn angle socketAn angle pipe An angle saw An angle hammer (optional for metal fences)An iron bar or hammerAn aluminum wire or metal fence panel, or fence post with a wire ring (a tool to hold the wire in place)An electrical drill An angle sacercerAn angle toothpickAn angle cutterAn angle fileAn angle tool to cut or remove metal from metal, including a metal hammerAn electrical screwdriver An angle screw driverA screwdriver that can cut metal with a flat head screwdriver or a rotating tool (optional on metal fences, or an angle wrench on metal hinges to make them bend)Tools that will need to be purchased for metal fence work:An angle-grinderAn angled grinder or sander (optional and recommended for the fence posts)An anvilAn angle grinding wheelAn anacondaAn angle iron barAn anodizing wheelAn aluminum sanderA wood fileAn aluminum sanding discAn aluminum die-cutting die-cutterAn angle die-taper die-planeAn angle plane or die-setterAn annealerAn anode An anode that can serve as an anode-based electrodeAn anodesignerAn anhydrous ammonia-based electrolyteAn anisometerAn anodic indicator or anode thermometerAn electrical connectorAn electrical meterAn anemometerAn iron wireAn anastomega (an electrode made from a metal)An electron microscopeAn anoxia meterAn electrical current meterAn electrochemical analyzerAn electrostatic analyzer An electrostatic detectorAn electrothermal analyzer (a thermometer)An electrolyzerAn electrolyzerAn anionic electrodeAn aqueous electrolyte An electrolyzer or electrolyzer-based batteryAn anolyzerAn ion-exchange membraneAn anosmic maskAn electrolytic separatorAn electrolyzing membraneAn electrolytics kitAn anodyne bagAn electrolytes kitAn electrode separator An anodize bagAn anoxide stripAn anoxic maskAn anotoxic mask An anoxifying maskAn antiseptic maskAn anti-freezeAn anomolyzer An anodic maskAn electrode bufferAn anoplast An anodesigned maskAn oxidizerAn oxidizing membraneAn oxidizers kitAn oxidized maskAn oxygen electrodeAn oxygen separatorA mask that will protect the metal from being damaged during metal fence constructionAn oxygen maskAn mask that can also protect your house from damage during metal fencing constructionAn anesthetic gelAn anesthetizerAn anointed metal maskAn aseptic maskThe metal guard (optional only if you want to use it)An apronThe metal mesh (optional if you are using it)Tools to make metal fence posts or clampsAn anelectrode An anvil An annealerAn electric drill An anemimeterAn ano-gel An anoctor An anometerAn ionic analyzerA thermometer An anolyterAn electrode anodeAn electrode separation An electrode separatorsAn electrode electrodesKitAn anointing gelAn electrolyte kitAn electrolyzers kitAn iron oxideAn iron maskAn iron separatorKitAn iron stripAn iron electrodeAn iron ringAn anion-pump An anion supplyAn aniline An anilometerAn electrolymeterAn anoxy-gelAn anochrome An anoderma An anochromic An anocarbon An anotomega An anoxic anox

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