Why Is The $300 Million Metal Backing For Metal House Still Unclaimed?

Metal House, the underground metal collective formed by the band Sleigh Bells in 2005, is still under the thrash rock moniker of the band.

But it’s been collecting coins for years, and now, the band has a new shiny title on its roster: Metal Money.

And as of this month, the metal band, which was originally a five-piece band, is officially a $300 million band.

The group’s lead singer, Mike DeCarlo, says that he’s trying to make metal house more like his hometown band, and that metal houses can make money on a different level.

“When we first started, it was just me,” DeCarlos told Billboard.

“It was just a one-person band, but I was working on some songs.

I was doing some gigs.

We just started getting money.

I started doing this thing with a couple of friends, and we made a couple thousand bucks on the first record.

We got a lot of the money that way.”

So how does the metal house pay for its gear?

According to DeCarla, the money comes from an online crowdfunding platform called BackerKit.

He explained that the funds are split between bands, but that they aren’t tied to any specific artist or label.

Metal House is only paying for the equipment itself, but DeCarlos says that the money also goes to bands who use the money to help pay the musicians.

“The money goes into a trust fund where we don’t get into it in the usual way,” DeCelos said.

“We have a partnership with the artist that owns the music.

And so we don

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