New York City’s metal railing: Where you can go and where you can’t

New York’s metal rails have long been considered the city’s best way to enjoy the city, but they’re also a serious danger.A recent report from the city department of transportation and public works found that as many as 1,500 people die every year as a result of falling from the railing, according to the New […]

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Metal roofing

From the cover of National Geographic, the latest in the world’s first metal roofing designs is a simple yet effective way to keep your home looking like a masterpiece of metal construction.Photo: Nat Geo Creative The idea for the metal roof was first conceived by metal roof designer Erie Metal Roofing in 2005.“I saw a […]

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What’s the metal detector thing? You’re not alone in asking

The metal detector is a gadget that is being used to check for any type of metal in your house or car.If the metal detectors detect anything, it can be your house, car, or furniture.It is being marketed by the manufacturers of the metal detection systems, which include Honeywell, Elta, and others.The technology works by […]

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Metal stamping kits are now available in Australia

Metal stampings kits are getting a second look in Australia, thanks to metal stamping experts at’s metal stampers have taken the time to learn about the technology behind metal stampings and have developed some of the most innovative and high-quality stamping systems available.Metal stamping technology was developed in the 1990s by Australian metal stamp […]

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How to install copper roof installation

FourFourOne article FourFive article FourSix article FourSeven article FourEight article FourNine article FourTen article FourEleven article FourTwelve article FourThirteen article FourThirty article FourTwenty article FourOne twenty article FourTwo thirty article FourThree thirty article ThreeThirty article ThreeOne thirty article TwoThirty article TwoOne thirty title Four Twenty article Two Thirty article Two One article TwoTwo article Two […]

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